Propane and butane in cylinders and bulk tanks

Provider of both propane and butane for recreation and industry.

Recreation: for use on campings in cylinders of 5 kg, 10,5 kg and 33 kg; 
for the caravan 5 kg and 10.5 kg; 
for mobile frying and ‘oliebollen’ cars; 
for terrace heating and heating flower greenhouses et cetera.
Industry: for heating buildings, construction cabins or workshops where natural gas is not available;  
for hot firing of bolts and nuts; 
for defrosting frozen switches (railways) or truck brakes et cetera;
for hot firing of roofing;
cylinders of 1, 5, 10.5 or 33 kg cylinders are used by plumbers, central heating engineers and roofers.
Large Projects: for heating of building sheds; 
for dry firing of moulds; 
for home connections; 
for heating chicken runs and pig sties et cetera.
Major projects are usually supplied with gas from a bulk tank (fixed tank 1500L) with gas.

Rental of these tanks, installation, maintenance and advice can be supplied by us.

We also have a complete programme on burners, reducers and accessories in stock. Do not hesitate to contact us for explanations or advice.

Welding equipment and filler materials

Praxair has the exclusive rights to import Harris gas welding and cutting equipment, the world’s largest manufacturer of burners (for cutting, soldering, welding, hot firing and gouging) and reducing equipment for each gas.

Spare parts and accessories
Contact and gas nozzles, welding and cutting nozzles, hose packages for MIG/MAG, TIG and plasma, welding masks, protective spectacles, helmets, gloves, curtains, cylinder transport waggons, gas tubes, soldering fluxes, tungsten electrodes for TIG and plasma et cetera.

Welding additives
Massive and full MIG/MAG welding wires (CO2 wires) in steel, stainless steel and aluminium, welding electrodes for gas and TIG welding, welding electrodes for electric welding, welding bronze and silver solder for brazing.


Camping gas

Provider of the well-known blue cylinder camping gas international. All sizes (901, 904 and 907), exchange as well as providing new cylinders. Also the whole program of lamps, cooking appliances and accessories.

Carbon dioxide

Bottles of carbon dioxide in various sizes to be delivered on a deposit basis.

To be used in the hotel and catering industry, and in an aquarium.
Can also be used for freezing lines.


Dry ice

Dry ice is an excellent coolant. It provides significant cooling propensities creating simultaneously a bacteriostatic CO2 atmosphere. This atmosphere safeguards the quality of the products and protects them against oxidation.

Indispensable for:

  • Cooling of meals, provisions, ice cream products, etc. during transport
  • Catering in aviation and by rail
  • Cryogenic transport of pharmaceutical products, vaccines et cetera
  • Cooling of dies and metal castings
  • Experiments in laboratories
  • Surface cleaning by means of dry ice beam technique
  • Ideal for decoration at buffets
  • Smoke development in theatres and discos.
Helium & balloons

We supply helium for all purposes. Helium is mostly used in balloons. Sorted in diverse colours or mixed, unprinted for various applications.

Accessories such as fillings, balloon sticks, zip locks, strings, trilingual competition tickets et cetera.